Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Picnic

 If you read the blog then you'll know that the boy and I alternate responsibility for our 'weekends' together. 

London is my territory to organise activities within. Cardiff, or Wales even, is the boy's patch and he dictates the weekend plans there. 

It all sounds a tad rigid but it works; I'm a fan of structure.

Easter is a time for family, and so a long weekend in Wales was on the cards. The boy did well. 

We kicked off with a picnic among friends & their children. Considering, we don't have any, I saw it as my responsibility to act as one. Without shame.       
Hideously inappropriate.
This is the baby's cap, which somehow fitted on the boy's surprisingly small head.
Topshop body, jeans & sandals.

Sophie X

Saturday, 19 April 2014


After reading Angie's (Silverspoon London) & Melanie's (Sunny In London) blog posts, I decided to give Bubbledogs a whirl. I trotted over to Fitzrovia after work last week, to meet my friend and fellow actor Wilf. 

The venue was also around the corner from Soho Theatre, where we were attending a show that evening. More of that later.
The concept of Bubbledogs is simple but genius. It's a rustic champagne bar that serves hot dogs. Like I said: simple. 

For a person who enjoys the finer things in life, but would rather break the bank on a new bag than a one-off meal, this was right up my alley. Or Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia to be exact.
We both opted for the Date Dog with a side of Tots. Wilf went for Pork sausage & I ordered veggie. 

Date Dog consists of a LOT of garlic, nestled amidst chive cream cheese & pickled onions. I thought they were pretty frugal with their onion portions; I believe you can count the cubes.

The verdict is going to be as simple as the concept: great idea but maybe put more love into the process. If you're going to customise hot dogs, then you better make them a little more special than they are at the moment: yummy, but not impressive.
The bill & feedback book
Miss Selfridge dress, Zara trench & heels and boutique bag
Now onto part two of our evening, which was impressive. Get yourselves down to Soho Theatre and sit in the front row of Never Try This At Home. But hurry, it closes in two weeks! 

I believe these images do the talking for me...
Hands down, the most fun theatre show I've ever attended and being an actor, I've seen a few.

To summarise: I got snogged by a performer, pied in the face, pied Wilf in the face, watched a bit of pole dancing, enjoyed a wrestling match, and I laughed. Hard.

Sophie X

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Somehow I'd made it to the age of twenty-five without ever visiting Brighton; a true English establishment. To be fair I'm Welsh.

A few weeks ago, the boy and I went to a wedding down South and felt it was the perfect opportunity to have a day out in Britain's keepsake.

Here are a few snaps from the wonderful & rather nostalgic sea side town...
Zara trench & bag, Topshop jeans, Red Herring pumps,Edinburgh Woolen Mill scarf and Cargo lipstick

Sophie X