Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wear Your Support

I'm going through a weird phase of being over-analytical, a tad self-deprecating and extremely lazy. I have moments of clarity when I realise that this 'slump' of feeling 'down' is so inconsequential I could scream at myself. I have a wonderful, wonderful life and just because things don't always go my way, it does not devalue my day, or week. Perspective hits me when I receive emails from companies such as Fashion Targets, who are concentrating on breast cancer awareness and fundraising towards beating the disease. 

'This year's campaign is all about empowering women to make a difference... Wear Your Support'

Indeed, when there are woman in the world (ones who I've known) who have to deal with the weight of poor health, I thank someone out there who allowed me a day of worrying about an audition, instead of a lump on my chest.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

As the above quotes, we need to empower each other through simple things like wearing a garment that says more than good fashion sense. Quite literally: Wear Your Support. Not only will buying a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer clothing item provide a 30% donation to research & development, it shows that you are thinking about someone else who is dealing with something beyond you and I.

There is nothing much I can do to cure cancer, except donate when I can (which is more often than I think) and put my thoughts out there, into the universe, that change will come and then we can go back to worrying about the silly things in life.

To shop the site, head here.
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Sophie X


  1. Great post Sophie, I'm sorry you're feeling that way at the moment but at least you're making an effort to put things into perspective. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves a little self pity first and then get onto looking at the bigger picture xxx
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    1. The self-pity phase is definitely where I was situated. I think you're right - it's a station we stop at, hopefully just before we get our buttocks into gear! Thanks for much for taking the time to comment & support X

  2. Nice sporty items! I believe that the pink shoes will make your life happier! ^_-*
    Be strong!

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  3. Hi Sophie, I've just come across your blog and think its lovely. I'll be spending the next hour looking over your posts, like a stalker!. Hope you feel a bit happier soon, the sunshine always help to lift your mood. Little London Girl x

    1. Well that's made my day! Ha ha, love a bit of blogger stalking, crack on babes :) Will hop over to you now. X

  4. i love companies like this, that use their branding and recognition {and cool products!} to support great causes.

    sorry you've been in a bit of slump but glad that you maintain perspective with those moments of clarity. you're a stonger woman for recognizing how to grow from moments like those. ;)

    1. Hmm perspective is key but sometimes hard to grasp. Thanks for much reading and for the support :) X

  5. i've only recently learned about Superga - perfect timing since we are in the year of the sneaker!

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  6. I LOOVE those pink superga <3

  7. i do really love the pink sneakers! super cute... :)
    nice post, and your blog is lovely!
    hope we can keep in touch and follow each other on GFC or bloglovin, let me know, i will follow u back :)

  8. We all sometimes, get stuck in that kind of phase in our life. But just remember that like you said, there are people out there that suffer from all different diseases and if you are healthy and have a place to sleep, or eat, than enjoy that and be happy. Life is a gift and you don't have time to be sad, that's what I always say to myself ;)
    Wish you all the best
    Great post, and I also try to support women that have cancer , when I can.

    1. Correct, we don't have time to be sad... it's so frustrating when we waste our time like this aaaah! Thank you for commenting... everyones support has made me feel much better :) X

  9. I've recently discovered your blog and I really like it! I'm following you now :-)
    Hope you'll like mine too!