Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Anges de Sucre

Blogger events are all great and that, though not always the most relaxed of atmospheres. There's the pressure of perfect photography whilst socialising with the girlies, looking your best and of course taking note of why you're there to begin with: the product! Luckily, this was all made easy by Wonder Woman aka Reshmi Bennett of Anges de Sucre.

 When I caught wind of the Anges De Sucre blog event via Cocktails & Caroline, I casually (straight away) invited myself along in the anticipation of an almighty sugar rush from the mother of all macarons. To fill you in Anges de Sucre, is a beauty of a macaron shop just off High Street Kensington tube station, with its surroundings being just as drop dead gorgeous as its inside.

Back to the macarons... yes, I thought they were called macaroons too. 

Macaroon refers to the coconut version and to confuse matters further, a macaron is the same as a French macaroon. Who cares? They taste bloody exquisite. Or at least Reshmi's do.  
I was joined by some beautiful bloggers, namely Angie of SilverSpoon London, Laura of Heroine in Heels and Angela of The Awkward Blog. Along with Caroline (mentioned above) and the other lovely ladies, they made for great company.

EVERY flavour imaginable from Earl Grey to Raspberry Ripple, Anges de Sucre delivers when it comes to quirky style, quality presentation and the 'NOM' factor.
Savoury profiteroles stuffed with cream cheese and green pesto. Winning.
The boutique also serves marshmallows (hello sugar high) and a selection of beverages. Go for the Vanilla Earl Grey tea. I will leave you with this note...


Sophie X


  1. I have always been curious about macaroons as I have never had one. Are they hard like cookies or soft like cake? Or somewhere in the middle, I have no idea! I'm dying to to try one!

    1. Weeelll, a macaron (above) is crispy on outside and gooey inside. As for macaroon, I can't remember!! Macarons would be perfect for you since your surgery as they're so small and light. Try one! X

  2. mmm! i still have yet to try a macaroon {or macaron!}, but everytime a see a photo of one, i want one. it's awesome that you have the opportunity attend all these great events {blogging and otherwise}, you are quite the socialite! by the way, i love the white button down with jeans - a classic look!

    1. Thanks hun. First and last time I'll be called a socialite :) The joys of not having a house, baby or husband... time! X

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  4. I just got extremely hungry looking at this lovely post!

    1. I know, I managed to ration some macarons over the week. They are of course gone and living in my tummy as we speak. X

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  7. Was lovely meeting you and hope to see you again soon! Those macarons were SO yum.

    Caroline x

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